Interval Sessions to Build Speed and Endurance

WEDNESDAY – 7:00pm (prompt) to 8:45pm (note that we need to leave the school precinct by 8:50pm so that the caretakers can lock everything up)
UNIVERSITY ACADEMY KEIGHLEY, Greenhead Road, Keighley – BD20 6EB

Coach: Brian Scobie

Description: A track-based session, involving (first) mobility and technical running drills as warm-up routines (designed to develop efficient postural control and movement), and followed by an interval session which aims to improve aerobic endurance and relative speed in groups that reflect the standard and development stage and progression of each participant. Track intervals will enable runners to achieve verifiable gains in pace and distances covered via improvements in both running efficiency and cardio-vascular function.

Directions and Map – click here

Other information (1) – the programme has paid for the hire of the track; other athletes from outside our group are free to use the track, but we would need to collect £2 per person from them.
Other information (2) – there are likely to be other track users at the same time as us. Please only use lanes 2, 3 and 4 (lane 1 is closed so that it doesn’t get destroyed through over-use, and lanes 5-8 are set aside for sprinters and hurdlers), and move to the outside when you are jogging as recovery. You can wear normal trainers on the track.
Other information (3) – adult football teams will be playing on the all-weather surface in the in-field. Both we and they are paying fees to use the facilities, so it is important that we can both be good neighbours and are reasonable to the needs of each other. If you think this isn’t being reciprocated, let Brian contact me so that we can take it up with the UAK administrators.

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